WiCyS Career Fair 2018

WiCyS has partnered with CyberSecJobs.Com to produce the WiCyS Career Event. This Career Event will be held both days of the WiCyS conference.

All students and professionals attending WiCyS 2018 are invited to create a profile and upload their resume to

After profile creation with resume upload, one can register for the WiCyS Career Event. WiCyS 2018 sponsoring Partners will review profiles and resumes periodically, and may contact candidates about career opportunities and internships prior to the event.

Career Fair hours:

  • Friday, March 23, 3pm – 630pm

  • Saturday, March 24 10:15 am – 12:15pm


Submit Resume HERE.

At the WiCyS 2018 conference, each attendee will receive a Career Event Handbook that will profile each sponsoring partner and their program/opportunities.


To Opportunity Seekers: Tips for a Successful Career Fair

  1. A career fair is a networking event filled with hundreds of professionals, employers and students. You're here to network with job seekers as well as employers to move your job search forward by making connections and gathering information.
  2. Get in the right frame of mind. If you ask recruiters about the importance of attitude in a job search on a scale of 1 to 10, most of them answer 11. We all get nervous, but focus on being upbeat and friendly when talking to recruiters and other job seekers.
  3. Talk to every employer if you have time. You've probably prepared for employers you're targeting, which is a great strategy. But talk to every employer in the room if you can. Give all of them the opportunity to learn about your skills and talents.
  4. The Job Seeker Handbook for the event may not include all of a company's job openings. Hiring needs change dynamically so use the Handbook as a guide to help you prepare, not as something written in stone.
  5. Prepare ahead of time. Review the Job Seeker Handbook and have a strategy for each employer you talk to. Which positions are of interest to you? What specific information can you gather to move your job search forward while making a great impression?
  6. All recruiters are different so you will see a variety of responses depending on the recruiter and their hiring needs. Be professional at all times. Not every company will be a fit. If a recruiter isn't interested don't take it personally. Arguing with a recruiter or hiring manager or being rude is not going to get you hired.
  7. When appropriate, ask for feedback. Many recruiters really do want to help job seekers improve their skills and get hired. You need to be mindful of the recruiter's time, but if they are offering advice to you, pay attention and then thank them for doing so.
  8. If you have a big purse or briefcase or are carrying too many items, take them back to your room/car. One organized folder or portfolio will help you appear as a polished organized professional.
  9. Close the deal. Be sure to get the hiring manager or recruiter's name and contact information so you may follow up. Even if today's discussion was not a fit, remember the value of networking for the future.