Submitted by: Kevin Crowley

When I was approached to start volunteering with WiCyS Australia, my first thoughts were of gratitude and enthusiasm. As a contractor, I have changed roles frequently, and had worked in a variety of cybersecurity and privacy roles; I had even worked professionally with some senior members of WiCyS. When they asked me to join in building this vibrant and diverse community, I was honoured!

Throughout my career, which has been quite varied, the strongest and most inspiring leaders I have worked with have all been female. My mother in particular inspired me; she is a pioneer in Ireland, having earned a degree in Computer Science in the early ‘90s – a field which continues to be significantly male-dominated. It was her footsteps I followed when pursuing my own degree in Information Systems, and I continue to rely on her wisdom and guidance as I navigate my career. I am also fortunate to currently be working with some brilliant women, and I continue to learn from their guidance, example, and leadership!

I am proud to say I am a feminist, and I’ve always been passionate about providing a platform for talented individuals to shine regardless of their gender, race, or creed, and I am grateful to WiCyS for giving me the opportunity to help build a better world. My hopes for the future include a society where we are judged solely on our merit and character, and I believe that the work our organisation is doing will help achieve that.

I am also enthusiastic about our prospects for the WiCyS Australia community in 2021! We have myriad events coming up, and professionals and academics joining us to share their experiences in cybersecurity!

Kevin Crowley, Events & Media Coordinator, WiCyS Australia

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