Wendi Whitmore.jpg

Wendi Whitmore, Global Lead, IBM X-Force Security Services

Wendi Whitmore has 15 years of experience responding to and preventing critical security breaches, conducting forensics and leading global services teams.

As Global Lead, IBM X-Force Security Services, Wendi is responsible for leading global response, forensics, and intelligence teams within IBM Security Services.

Wendi’s strong career background includes experience as a special agent at the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Managing Director at Mandiant, and Vice President of Professional Services at CrowdStrike. In these roles Wendi conducted computer crime investigations, incident response for government and private organizations including working on some of the largest security breaches in the world. Wendi also developed an interest in helping clients develop and implement proactive security plans to take measures to prevent data breaches.

An avid speaker, Wendi has presented on topics including incident response and remediation at SANS, BlackHat, DoD Cybercrime Conferences, GFIRST, FIRST, CSI SX, CSI NetSec, and the FBI National Infragard conferences.