Official WiCyS Email Account

Every affiliate is provided an official WiCyS Email account, usually formatted as: wicys[affiliatename]

This is the only email WiCyS Global will post on the WiCyS website (, will include in newsletter materials, will send out to affiliate inquiries, and will use in communicating with WiCyS affiliates.

Each affiliate is to have its WiCyS-issued email posted on their website and in all marketing materials. In order for affiliates to receive WiCyS-issued swag and funding, it is necessary for this email to be posted publicly.

Press Releases

Press releases should be used when your Affiliate celebrates a milestone or accomplishment, hosts a special event, has a special interest story, or timely news to share with the community.

A press release is written to members of the news media for the purpose of obtaining media coverage. Typically, it is mailed, faxed, or emailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, or television networks. Your Affiliate may develop a contact list of media outlets in your region.

Press releases have a standard format. A successful press release should be: Concise, well-written, factual, honest, and timely. Additional resources on writing a press release can be found at If you have questions or need assistance with developing your press release, please contact WiCyS central office.

Press releases and all media inquiries regarding WiCyS as a whole are handled by WiCyS Global. If you are contacted regarding a media inquiry, please direct the press representative to contact:

Name: Lynn Dohm
Title: WiCyS Executive Director
Email: [email protected]