Community Resources

Open educational resources are a way for those interested in or already in the cybersecurity workforce to expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of specific skillsets, concepts, topics and more.


Student Resources

Explore resources available to students, including higher education, scholarships, and research opportunities.

Online Learning Resources

Explore cybersecurity resources related to FREE online learning opportunities.


Explore a wide variety of cybersecurity competitions and certificate programs. 

Women in Cybersecurity Podcasts

Explore a variety of podcasts from women in cybersecurity.

Veteran and Military Resources

As a resource, WiCyS provides links to Veteran and Military materials. Let us know of others by contacting [email protected].

WiCyS Book Club Corner

Do you love to read? Do you have a desire to learn and advance your knowledge in the ever-growing field of cybersecurity? We got the place and community for you!


WiCyS Security Corner

Dive into cybersecurity news outside of the WiCyS organization.


Inclusive Resources

Explore our inclusive language resources developed by the WiCyS Equity Advocacy Committee for others to share with their cybersecurity teams.

Cybercrime Network

Need Cybercrime Help? Arm yourself with the information you need to recognize, report and recover from cybercrime. Cybercrime Support Network is your advocate and partner in protecting your online data and privacy.

The Last Mile Education Fund

The Last Mile Education Fund offers a disruptive approach to increasing diversity in tech and engineering fields by addressing critical gaps in financial support for low-income underrepresented students.  

Help Build Our Resource Library!

If you have a resource to share, please submit it for review below! Please note, resources that are vendor or institution-specific will not be accepted. Only open-source educational materials to benefit others will be reviewed. These are resources compiled by WiCyS for the public and our community. WiCyS does not endorse any of these materials.