2023 Mentor/Mentee Program 

Growing Together

Mentorship aids in career success. Our program was developed to upskill and uplevel women as they prepare for advancement at all levels of their cybersecurity career.

Enrollment for the next cohort will open early 2024.

The WiCyS mentorship program is available to WiCyS members-only and features a matching platform allowing for a more streamlined and engaging mentor/mentee experience. WiCyS Mentors facilitate career advancement conversations, keep you grounded, and help you remain self-aware as you navigate your career journey. Together, we thrive!

Mentor/Mentee Infrastructure Sponsored by:

Calling all Mentees:

Whomever you are and wherever you are in your cybersecurity career, your WiCyS community is here to support you as you march forward. We are all continual learners, and being engaged in a meaningful mentoring relationship can only help you sharpen your professional development skills, remain focused on intentional career outcomes and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities! The 9-month program is designed to upskill and up level women in areas such as influence, negotiation, leadership, work/life harmony, communication and much more to prepare for the next stage in your career.

Expectations of Mentees: Commit to the 9-month mentor/mentee program, meet with an assigned mentor in a group cohort setting for a minimum of once a month, engage with materials/resources provided by mentor prior to each meeting, and participate in periodic surveys and program dissemination efforts.

Mentee Benefits:

  • Career Advancement (all levels)
  • Meaningful Relationship Development
  • CyberGEN.IQ Assessment
  • Resume Webinar
  • Access to Resume Review Sessions

Login to the Together Platform HERE. 


We know navigating through your thriving career has had some hiccups, bumps and challenges along the way. And we also know that you have not only survived them but thrived! Your guidance, support and experience are needed by so many. No matter where you are in your cybersecurity career journey, your milestones will make a difference in a WiCyS member’s life. We will host a kick-off webinar and provide a curriculum to adequately prepare you for the monthly meetings with your mentee cohort. The commitment is minimal (2-3 hrs a month), but the reward of impacting lives is priceless!

Expectations of Mentors: Commit to the 9-month mentor/mentee program, meet with assigned mentees in a virtual cohort setting once monthly, engage with materials/resources provided by WiCyS Global, and submit session feedback surveys in the Together platform.

Mentor Benefits:

  • CPE Credits (ISC2 and GIAC)
  • CyberGEN.IQ Assessment
  • Eligible to Apply for a Mentorship Grant to Attend WiCyS 2024
  • Access to Resume Review Sessions

Download the Inclusive Mentoring Guide HERE.

Login to the Together Platform HERE

The WiCyS community is forever grateful for your contributions in building better tomorrows. Together, we thrive!

2023 program timeline

Download the Mentorship Program Flyer HERE.  View the Mentorship Program News Release HERE.

March 1: Enrollment Opens (applicants must be a registered WiCyS Member – 18 years or older)

March 22: Enrollment Closed at 11:59pm PT

March 23: Notifications Sent to Mentors/Mentees with Link to Register in Together Platform

March 31: Registration in Together Must be Completed (incomplete profiles will not be matched)

April 19 at 3pm CT: Mentee Meetup (Zoom information will be sent to mentees)

April 20 at 10am CT OR 6pm CT: Mentor Meetups (Zoom information will be sent to mentors)

April 21: Group Announcement Emails Sent with Cohort Details by EOD

May 1: Month #1 of the 9-month Structured Framework Begins

January 2024: Month #9 of the 9-month Structured Framework Ends

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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The descriptions mention a “mentee cohort” which sounds different from the typical 1:1 mentoring. Will mentors have multiple mentees? Are all interactions in a group?

We selected a mentoring cohort strategically so that the learning experience can be shared amongst peers. This increases the interaction during the mentor/mentee meeting and develops deeper relationships with those in the cohort so that a community can be formed (within the already WiCyS community). If a mentor/mentee chooses to have 1:1 mentoring, that is completely fine, but the WiCyS requirement is to have the one meeting in a cohort setting once a month.

I see that the mentor time commitment is 2-3 hours/month. Are there particular skillsets/experiences that you are looking for mentors to have?

Any professional woman, man, ally, and advocate is an asset to this program’s success. No matter where we are at in our careers, we have experiences and stories to share that will help others on their journey. The resources/discussion points that WiCyS provides are not specific to a cybersecurity skillset. They are beneficial for any woman in their career!

Is the curriculum focused on training the mentor? Is there an agenda for the monthly meetings?

Yes, the goal is for WiCyS to provide the mentor with what they need to host their cohort meetings (resources/discussion points). They are to share that information with their cohort and use that information for their guiding point. This takes the stress off the mentor by making the information already available and accessible. Mentor MeetUps will be organized as well, so mentors can continue the learning process.

’23 Mentor/Mentee Cohort Stats


  • 781 entry-level
  • 112 intermediate-level
  • 120 mid-level
  • 102 senior-level

both Mentor & Mentee: 253

  • 65 intermediate-level
  • 76 mid-level
  • 112 senior-level

Mentors: 91

  • 11 intermediate-level
  • 13 mid-level
  • 67 senior-level

’21-’22 Mentor/Mentee Cohort Stats


  • 421 entry-level
  • 97 intermediate-level
  • 106 mid-level
  • 122 senior-level

both Mentor & Mentee: 110

  • 26 entry-level
  • 21 intermediate-level
  • 24 mid-level
  • 39 senior-level

Mentors: 185

  • 29 entry-level
  • 23 intermediate-level
  • 36 mid-level
  • 97 senior-level

’20-’21 Mentor/Mentee Cohort Stats


  • 291 student/intern
  • 160 entry level
  • 119 mid level
  • 33 senior level
  • 5 executive level

both Mentor & Mentee: 93

  • 8 student/intern
  • 14 entry level
  • 38 mid level
  • 28 senior level
  • 5 executive level

Mentors: 78

  • 1 entry level
  • 23 mid level
  • 39 senior level
  • 15 executive level