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Join us for WiCyS’ first ever 24-hour virtual event. Expand your wealth of cybersecurity knowledge and enjoy webinars hosted by WiCyS’ professional affiliates across the globe.


WiCyS Around the World is a free opportunity for our global community to learn from and engage with experts in cybersecurity. From Africa to Houston, India to Alabama, enjoy pre-recorded and live webinars on a variety of topics like building trust in AI, best practices for K-12 cybersecurity programs, and so much more.


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Schedule of Events

12:00 AM CT | 7:00 AM SAST | 5:00 AM GMT | 10:30 AM IST | 4:00 PM AEDT
LIVE | WiCyS Southern Africa: Southern Africa Cybersecurity Spotlight
Presented by:
Kerissa Varma, CISO, Old Mutual

Kelly Bentley, CEO & Founder, The Rebel Element (@kelbents)

WiCyS Southern Africa Affiliate logo

Join us to explore two different cybersecurity roles in Africa; Kerissa Varma is the only female CISO in a financial institution in South Africa and Kelly Bentley is an engagement specialist focusing on how to better engage cyber security businesses with their key stakeholders (vendors, customers, leadership, etc.)

Missed the live session? Watch the webinar recording HERE

4:00 AM CT | 9:00 AM GMT | 11:00 AM SAST | 2:30 PM IST | 8:00 PM AEDT

WiCyS UK: Flipping the Script on Imposter Syndrome

Presented by:

Lisa Ventura, CEO, UK CyberSecurity Association


WiCyS UK Affiliate Logo

Join Lisa Ventura, founder of International Imposter Syndrome Day, as we flip the script on Imposter Syndrome!

Webinar link will become available at 4:00 AM CT HERE

6:00 AM CT | 7:00 AM EST | 11:00 AM GMT | 1:00 PM SAST | 4:30 PM IST | 10:00 PM AEDT

WiCyS Ontario: Braking Barriers: Canadian Women in Cybersecurity “Talk Shop”

Presented by:

Dr. Ikjot Saini, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor/Academic Chair, WiCyS Ontario Affiliate (@IkjotSaini_)

Dr. Mitra Mirhassani, Associate Professor, University of Windsor (@mitramir)

Sarah Chippure,  Manager, Connected and Automated Vehicle Regulatory Policy Transport Canada Government of Canada

Karen Nemani, President, WiCyS Ontario Affiliate (@CyberSageCanada)


WiCyS Ontario Affiliate

Canadian women in cybersecurity are exploring, innovating, and building expertise and their cyberknowledge in the Automotive Vehicle security industry. What are they working on? Where is the industry going and where does cybersecurity fit in? What are the unique cybersecurity needs? Join us for a panel discussion!

Webinar link will become available at 6:00 AM CT HERE

7:00 AM CT | 8:00 AM EST | 12:00 PM GMT | 2:00 PM SAST | 5:30 PM IST | 11:00 PM AEDT

WiCyS Georgia: Industry and Academia: Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap in Georgia

Presented by:

Elizabeth Raznick, PhD, Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University (@ERasnick)

Mai Ensmann, Associate Director, Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Reseearch Group, Georgia State University (@MaiEnsmann)

Michelle Rivers, Adv. Project Manager, IBM (@Michelle4095)

Mariya Ali, Product Owner, IBM (@maariyali)


Learn more about the innovative programs from IBM, Georgia Southern University, and Georgia State University looking to address the cybersecurity skills gap in Georgia.

Webinar link will become available at 7:00 AM CT HERE

8:00 AM CT | 9:00 AM EST | 1:00 PM GMT | 3:00 PM SAST | 6:30 PM IST | 12:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

LIVE | WiCyS NY Metro: DevSecOps: Bridging the Gap Between People, Process, and Technology

Presented by:

Mostofa Rahman, BNY Mellon (@themostofa)

Saurabh Singh, BNY Mellon (@singhinfosec)


WiCyS NY Metro Affiliate logo

Mostofa Rahman and Saurabh Singh of BNY Mellon will walk through some intriguing strategies for DevSecOps Automation and how it is possible to successfully bridge the gap between People, Processes & Technology for DevSecOps by empowering developers (with automation), unifying cross-functional teams, and building a strong internal culture.

Missed the live session? Watch the webinar recording HERE

9:00 AM CT | 7:30 PM IST | 2:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM SAST | 1:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

LIVE | WiCyS India: Trends and Skills to Look Out for- Cybersecurity in 2021 

Presented by: 

Dr. Lopa Mudraa Basuu, Former Global Head Cybersecurity, Nissan Motor Corporation (@LopaMudraBasuu_
Babitha B P, CISO, CSB Bank 
Preeti Bhisikar, Relationship Manager, APAC & MEA, IBM (@Preeti86357185)

Many predictions including IDG points to many new trends in 2021 such as Cloud security, AI/ML enabled Cyber Threat Intelligence, OT/IOT/ICS security by design. Listen to industry leaders from various sectors (Energy, Automotive and Finance) and learn trends to watch out for in cybersecurity during this accelerated digital transformation . If you are a cybersecurity professional or a cybersecurity aspirant then tune in to this webinar to  understand where the industry is heading and how you can be part of this change and keep up the momentum in terms of skill set, career path and more. 

Missed the live session? Watch the webinar recording HERE

10:00 AM CT | 3:00 PM GMT | 5:00 PM SAST | 8:30 PM IST | 2:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

LIVE | WiCyS Austin: WeTeach_Cybersecurity: The State of Cybersecurity in K12 Education

Presented by: 

Nikki Hendricks, Cybersecurity Education Specialist, EPIC, TACC, The University of Texas

Alexis Merritt, Incident Response Consultant @ Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

(@ReaderTraveler) (@ReckedExe) (@WiCyS_Austin)

Join us for an overview of K12 Cybersecurity Education in the United States. Learn what is already happening in many schools to recruit and prepare students for a career in Cybersecurity. Did you know that states have funding to help high school students pay for certification tests? Learn how you and/or your company can help and inspire more students in the fields of Cybersecurity, Networking, and Computer Science.

Missed the live session? Watch the webinar recording HERE.

10:00 AM CT | 5:00 PM SAST | 3:00 PM GMT | 8:30 PM IST | 2:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS East Africa: The Cybersecurity Landscape in East Africa

Presented by:

Mercy Omollo, Moderator (@mercyomollo)
Polly Gitau, Panelist (@BNateson)
Diana Agaba, Panelist (@diatukundane)
Aprielle Moraa, Panelist (@aprielle_moraa)
Laura Temesi, Panelist (@lauratemesi)

(@leahkimata) (@gathoni_omanjo) (@WiCyS_EA)

Learn more about the current challenges faced by organizations in the wake of new and existing security threats, regulatory compliance requirements, and the opportunities in advancing the cyber security workforce in East Africa

Webinar link will become available at 10:00 AM CT HERE

10:30 AM CT | 8:30 AM PST | 3:30 PM GMT | 5:30 PM SAST | 9:00 PM IST (3/27) | 2:30 AM (3/27) AEDT

LIVE | WiCyS Western Canada: Finding the Inner Voice

Presented by:

Mani Keerthi Nagothu

Aarti Gadhia 

Juanita DeSouza Huletey

Manna Ng

Sridevi Sadhineni

Temitope Odeyale

Even in inclusive workplaces, there are occasions where you are left out. On top of that, remote working has its role of no personal interaction. As a cybersecurity professional, have you ever felt it that way? It might be easy for some personalities but for others, it may not. How do you let others know that you want to be included and want to be part of the discussions? Did the fear of being belittled stop you from speaking up? How do you handle such situations? Join us to learn how to show others your authentic cybersecurity professional self without changing your personality to seek validation to fit in.

Missed the live webinar? Watch the recorded session HERE

11:00 AM CT | 12:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM GMT | 6:00 PM SAST | 9:30 PM IST | 3:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS New England: Peeling Back the Curtain of Solar Winds

Presented by:

Mor Levi, VP, Global Security Practices

(@Cybereason) (@WiCysNE)

Join us for a discussion on the recent SolarWinds attack with our guest speaker Mor Levi, Vice President Security, from Cybereason. Mor will kick-off the discussion with a high-level review of the SolarWinds attack path, its sophistication, and challenges from both the detection and response perspective. 

Webinar link will become available at 11:00 AM CT HERE

12:00 PM CT | 5:00 PM GMT | 7:00 PM SAST | 10:30 PM IST | 4:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Houston: Emerging Technologies in Cybersecurity

Presented by: 

Abeer Asad
Anmol Puri (@anmol_puri1001)
Aishwarya Rai Mandikal (@aiswaryagirish)
Annie Jamshed (@AnnieJamshed)


Join us to learn more about emerging technologies in cybersecurity and enjoy two insightful sessions: Automation and Incident Response and User and Entity Behavior in Cyber Security.

Webinar link will become available at 12:00 PM CT HERE

1:00 PM CT | 2:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM GMT | 8:00 PM SAST | 11:30 PM IST | 5:00 AM AEDT (3/27)

LIVE | WiCyS Northern Alabama: Cyber Power Hour

Presented by:

Jordan R. Kelly, Senior Managing Director & Head of Cybersecurity, America

Ronald J. Yearwood, Senior Managing Director & West Coast Lead, Cybersecurity


Threats to Our Everyday Lives: Cyber Risks to Critical Infrastructure- In this session, panelists will discuss ongoing cyber risks to critical infrastructure services while highlighting lessons learned from a collaborative table top exercise, Jack Voltaic 3.0. As part of this discussion, experts will examine the recent attack on the Oldsmar, FL water treatment facility and provide actionable recommendations for potential enhancement.

 How do you Defend the Indefensible? Nation-state Cyber Threats- In this session, panelists will discuss the history of nation-state cyber attacks, deliberating on the question, “how we got here”. During this discussion, experts will examine the recent “Solar Winds” attack for real world  background. Panelists will close this topic with a brief discussion of the potential for escalating cyber warfare while providing actionable recommendations for response.

Missed the live session? Watch the webinar recording HERE

2:00 PM CT | 1:00 PM MST | 7:00 PM GMT | 9:00 PM SAST | 12:30 AM (3/27) IST | 6:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Phoenix: BHS Institute of Cyber Operations and Networking

Presented by: 

Janet Hartkopf, Basha High School ICON

Cybersecurity education is now present in high school curriculum. Local high schools can design the 4-year program in collaboration with the community college, to provide lasting instruction to build a strong foundation to a cybersecurity career. In this presentation, participants will learn about the highlights of the program in Arizona, gain key aspects how to develop a curriculum map for cybersecurity instruction, and enhance a proactive approach to the continuous talent pipeline development for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Webinar link will become available at 2:00 PM CT HERE

3:00 PM CT | 8:00 PM GMT | 10:00 PM SAST | 1:30 AM (3/27) IST | 7:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Critical Infrastructure: The Global Threat to our Critical Infrastructure

Presented by: 

Yolanda Craig (@yo1999)

Courtney Greeley

Rosemary Christian (@RosemarysThyme)

Tina Kuhn (@tinakuhncomm)

Dana Gore

Veronica Kazaitis

Merri McNamara

Sarah Woods – Moderator (@SLDWoods)


In this session, panelists will talk about current threats to our critical infrastructure from around the globe. We will cover topics such as defining what is critical infrastructure, resiliency in the cyber supply chain, the impact of IOT / 5G on critical infrastructure, and more! We will also discuss remediation and recovery for those critical assets impacted by a cyber event!

Webinar link will become available at 3:00 PM CT HERE

4:00 PM CT | 9:00 PM GMT | 11:00 PM SAST | 2:30 AM (3/27) IST | 8:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Tennessee: Shifting Security Awareness

Presented by: 

Ashley Rose, CEO, Living Security (@Living_Security)

Jules Okafor CEO, Revolution Cyber (@julesmgmt)

(@RevCyberSec) (@WicysT)


WiCyS Tennessee Affiliate Logo

Join WiCyS Tennessee to talk with Living Security’s CEO, Ashley Rose, and Revolution Cyber’s CEO, Jules Okafor, about their journey in shifting Security Awareness. Listen in as we discuss how important human behavior and culture change is as the world becomes more integrated with technology. How can you engage in new ways through an experiential and gamified approach? What impact can security metrics provide?

Download your free Living Security Campaign-in-a-Box HERE

Webinar link will become available at 4:00 PM CT HERE

6:00 PM CT | 4:00 PM PST | 11:00 PM GMT | 1:00 AM (3/27) SAST | 4:30 AM (3/27) IST | 10:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Oregon: Evolving Cybersecurity Careers in the World of AI, Big Data, Mobility, and Social Media

Presented by: 

Sarba Roy

The field of Cybersecurity is evolving exponentially with the advent and expansion of AI, Bigdata, Mobility and Social Media. This presentation will touch upon the evolving threats owing to these rapidly emerging technologies and will highlight the key skills and specialized Cybersecurity Career options that would emerge to help protect individual lives and organizations from cybercrimes of the future.

Webinar link will become available at 6:00 PM CT HERE

7:00 PM CT | 12:00 AM (3/27) GMT | 2:00 AM (3/27) SAST | 5:30 AM (3/27) IST | 11:00 AM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Trusted AI: AI Trust and Ethics

Presented by: 

Pamela Gupta, Head of Trusted AI & Cybersecurity at AIEthics.World, CEO of Outsecure Inc

Col David Barnes, PHD, Chief AI Ethics Officer for the US Army’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force

Madiha Jafri, PHD, ASC Fellow (AI & Cybersecurity) at Lockheed Martin

What do we need to trust AI Systems? Use AI responsibly? Do we need Governance, Security & Privacy in AI? And is that enough to build Trust?
Join us as we talk about issues, risks and actions required going forward in the world of artificial intelligence.

Webinar link will become available at 7:00 PM CT HERE

8:00 PM CT | 9:00 PM EST | 1:00 AM (3/27) GMT | 3:00 AM (3/27) SAST | 6: 30 AM (3/27) IST | 12:00 PM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS North Carolina: Security Job Market Trends

Presented by: 



WiCyS North Carolina Affiliate Logo

Join us as we review the overall US job market trends in security with a focus on the local NC job market. We will show areas that are underrepresented and provide guidelines on how a job description is structured.

Webinar link will become available at 8:00 PM CT HERE

10:00 PM CT | 11:00 PM EST | 3:00 AM (3/27) GMT | 5:00 AM (3/27) SAST | 8: 30 AM (3/27) IST | 2:00 PM (3/27) AEDT

WiCyS Australia: Cyber-Physical System Security: Australian Perspective

Presented by: 

Dr Elena Sitnikova, Critical infrastructure Cybersecurity Research Leader, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra

Join the WiCyS Australia Affiliate Chair for Academia, Dr. Elena Sitnikova, as she gives a perspective on the current cybersecurity landscape in Australia, with a focus on threats to cyber-physical systems and their mitigations. Dr. Elena also gives us an overview of Australia’s Cybersecurity Strategy, and the role of UNSW Canberra’s research-led teaching on national and global cybersecurity workforce. If you are interested in learning more about this work, or maybe even joining the team one day, please contact Dr. Elena via email at [email protected]

Webinar link will become available at 10:00 PM CT.

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