State of Inclusion

Download our State of Inclusion Assessment to get an understanding of the real causes of disparities in the experiences of women in cybersecurity and help  understand how best to pinpoint and remove the barriers that keep women from being recruited, hired, retained and advanced at the same rate as men.

WiCyS State of Inclusion Assessment

Our State of Inclusion of Women in Cybersecurity project aims to educate organizations and their leaders on the meaning and business value of inclusion. The report helps to shed light on specific issues that cause women in cybersecurity to feel excluded—which in turns reduces their satisfaction, productivity and retention rates.

In our pilot study to measure inclusion, more than 200 women in cybersecurity used a confidential platform to share experiences that caused them to feel excluded. For each experience, they selected one or more categories (e.g., compensation, career, work-life balance), and one or more sources (e.g., managers, peers, leaders and HR).

Upcoming Workshops

As we build on the exciting findings from our WiCyS State of Inclusion Assessment we continue to collect additional data for our next industry benchmark report.  You have the opportunity to contribute to this project by joining a “Measuring Inclusion” workshop in October.

Participation is open to all individuals who work for a cybersecurity company or in a cybersecurity-related role in any type of company, including consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers, and students. We welcome the participation of all individuals in any identity group. Please note that both workshops are identical – you only need to register for one.

This workshop provides deep and innovative insights into the meaning and impact of inclusion. During the workshop, you can use Aleria’s anonymous, confidential platform to share your workplace experiences and contribute to the WiCyS State of Inclusion study. Even if you choose not to participate in the interactive activity, you will find the workshop engaging, informative, and full of actionable insights.

Would your organization be interested in its own State of Inclusion Assessment?

Your organizations State of Inclusion Report will include detailed descriptions of specific experiences impacting your employees. Combined with the quantitative analysis, these descriptions will give your organization a crystal-clear understanding of the current level of inclusion, where the biggest opportunities for improvement lie and what specific actions and initiatives are most likely to succeed.

Your organization’s individual report is confidential and will not be shared with other organizations or released to the public. Only the aggregate, industry-wide benchmark will be shared as part of WiCyS’ final State of Inclusion of Women in Cybersecurity report.

WiCyS will help subsidize the cost.  Reach out to Quiana Oates at [email protected] for more information.

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Participation is open to any organization that is a WiCyS partner. WiCyS partner organizations will enjoy a deep discount based on their partnership level, as described above. 

Organizations that are not WiCyS partners can join WiCyS to enjoy the discounts corresponding to the level they select.

Industry sector

Participating organizations should be either a cybersecurity organization (that is, a organization whose primary product or service is in cybersecurity), or organizations in any industry with a significant number of employees in cybersecurity-related roles.

Organization size

In order to ensure meaningful results, it is recommended that participating organizations can secure participation by at least 100 employees. Lower levels of participation make it difficult to create a detailed Inclusion Report. If you are unsure whether your organization is sufficiently large, please contact us using the contact form or email [email protected].


Smaller organizations, including startups, can participate by inviting their team members to take part in any of the Measuring Inclusion workshops that will be announced.

While a custom inclusion assessment and report will not be possible for these smaller organizations, they will be able to purchase the final State of Inclusion of Women in Cybersecurity report, which will include data and insights about the state of inclusion in smaller organizations. Hence participation by smaller organizations will support WiCyS’ overall mission and ensure that the voices of team members from small organizations are heard.

If you are unsure whether your organization is sufficiently large to participate, please contact us using the contact form.


If your organization is interested in participating, please provide your name and contact information using the contact form and you will receive the required information.


Each organization’s State of Inclusion Report will include the following items:

  • Participation data with demographic and role breakdown
  • Multiple metrics for each of several Categories of Inclusion and Sources of Exclusion
  • A curated, fully anonymous list of descriptions of experiences of exclusion
  • If a sufficient number of employees participate, drill-down by gender will be included in the standard Inclusion Report.
  • Depending on the level of participation by the organization’s employees, optional drill-down may be possible along additional dimensions:
    • Personal identity traits (race & ethnicity, sexual orientation, visible or invisible disabilities, age)
    • Role-related traits (general type of role, seniority)
    • Geographic areas (note: comparison to the industry benchmark will only be possible for North America)
    • Other custom dimensions such as division, location, etc.


For 2023, the State of Inclusion benchmark will be focused on the US and Canada. Individual organizations wishing to assess their level of inclusion globally may have the option to do so, but the industry benchmark will be limited to these two countries.


An executive summary with highlights from the study will be made available to the public.

All WiCyS member organizations who participate in this project will receive, in addition to their own confidential State of Inclusion Report, a full copy of the WiCyS industry-wide State of Inclusion of Women in Cybersecurity report.

All WiCyS partner organizations who do not participate in the project can purchase the full industry-wide report for $3,000.


For questions regarding the Inclusion Assessment and measuring inclusion in general, please email [email protected].

For questions regarding becoming a WiCyS member partner or upgrading your current partnership level, please reach out to [email protected].

Please visit this page again for updates.