State of Inclusion

This research aims to educate organizations and their leaders on the meaning and business value of inclusion and to shed light on specific issues that cause women in cybersecurity to feel excluded.

WiCyS State of Inclusion Assessment

In our study to measure inclusion, more than 1,000 cybersecurity professionals used a confidential platform to share experiences that caused them to feel excluded. For each experience, male and female participants selected one or more categories (e.g., compensation, career, work-life balance), and one or more sources (e.g., managers, peers, leaders and HR). More than 20 different organizations were included in the study.

Key Findings Show:

  • Women were excluded at a rate 2 times higher than men.
  • Top areas of exclusion included Respect, Career&Growth, Access& Participation, and Recognition.
  • Women are 5 times more likely to cite their direct managers and peers as sources of that exclusion.
  • Employees who identified with a (dis)ability had higher rates of exclusion than those who identified with the majority.
  • WiCyS Strategic Partners had 49% fewer experiences of exclusion and reported 64% higher levels of job satisfaction. 

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