Hands-on cybersecurity training brought to life through real-world simulations and opportunities for scholarships

This offer is available to student members  beginning October 27, 2021. 


Prepare for Cyber FastTrack in an immersive game with over 200 fun-to-play challenges and real security content. 

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This offer starts October 27, 2021 and is available to U.S. residents.


Fast-track your cybersecurity career for free with this gameified learning platform. Win scholarships for advanced training and the certifications employers are looking for.
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Student Cybersecurity Opportunities through CyberStart and Cyber FastTrack

Come learn about Cyber FastTrack, an opportunity to earn scholarships and accelerate your career in cybersecurity, and gain access to free training materials.

The CyberStart game is created by experts at the SANS Institute. It’s a gamified learning platform comprised of over 200 interactive challenges that teach students about cryptography, web exploitation, social engineering, steganography, XSS, SQL injection, python, and much more. Beginners with no experience can use CyberStart to build up their skills from scratch, while more experienced students can further hone their craft through the advanced levels.


The game also helps prepare players for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition with the chance to win one of 400 $1,000 cash scholarships, up to $21,000 of certified professional cybersecurity training, and make resumes more desirable for employers.