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WiCyS Ontario Affiliate: IT & Security Leaders Turn to Lateral Security


IT and security leaders need to find a method to stay ahead of adversaries as ransomware gangs continue to hone and ramp up their operations. As successful assaults increase, it is clear that endpoint and perimeter security alone is insufficient to safeguard an entire organization. Instead, businesses need to adopt a lateral security strategy that […]


WiCyS Neurodiversity General Membership Meeting

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Join the WiCyS Neurodiversity Affiliate and Founder Tennisha Martin, Executive Director and Chairwoman of Black Girls Hack in a discussion about Black women in cybersecurity, the state of the industry, strategies to find success in your role, and more! Register HERE.


Huntress Webinar | Stairway to DFIR: My Journey into Cybersecurity

The journey into Cybersecurity is not one-size-fits-all but can vary from person to person. There are also several subfields within Cybersecurity that one may concentrate on, leaving many opportunities for everyone. In this WiCyS strategic partner webinar with Huntress, Jamie Levy will cover how she found her way into this field and give tips for […]

Optum Webinar | What does Social Engineering Look Like?

In this webinar with WiCyS strategic partner, Optum, you will learn examples of what social engineering looks like in the real world; helping even non-tech-savvy people to realize that deception may be closer than they think. Let’s take a look at what Hollywood shows us in the movies - that may help the average person […]

NCL @WiCyS Capture the Flag Webinar

Join this informational session to learn more about the National Cyber League (NCL) capture-the-flag game at the WiCyS conference. This short session will help you feel prepared and confident coming to the WiCyS conference already understanding the NCL platform, expectations, game experience, and more. Attendees will have their questions answered live by the NCL team […]

Sandia National Laboratories Webinar | Toward Real-time Intrusion Detection In Cyber Networks

Real-time intrusion characterization in cyber networks is a highly complex problem that requires network-informed anomaly detection tools for success. Dynamic analysis of network traffic features provides a means for detecting anomalies related to novel intrusions, however, is challenged by data storage, real-time querying, and processing constraints. Since a large proportion of features are irrelevant in […]

JPMorgan & Chase Co. Webinar | Lessons to My Younger Self

JPMC Managing Director Rosa Ramos-Kwok shares how staying true to yourself and your brand can benefit your career progression. In this WiCyS strategic partner webinar, Ramos-Kwok also drills down on the importance of diversity in cybersecurity leadership roles. Register HERE.