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Calendar of Events

WiCyS Professional Affiliate Leaders-Only Meeting (International)

WiCyS Professional Affiliate Leaders-Only Meeting: We are all Stronger Together. As WiCyS professional affiliates trailblaze through their regional, specialty, or corporate affiliate programs, we collectively meet monthly in a leadership capacity to sync up on WiCyS global updates, best practices, upcoming events, and Q & A. Affiliate meetings are always the first Tuesday and first […]

WiCyS Strategic Partner MeetUp

WiCyS Strategic Partner MeetUp: Strategic partners are the foundation of all WiCyS programs, initiatives, and events. Not only are they committed to the growth of the organization, but they also stand STRONG with the inclusion and diversity efforts of the cybersecurity workforce. All strategic partners meet bi-monthly to connect collectively, receive WiCyS global updates, brainstorm […]

Cisco Webinar | Cybersecurity As Our Ally for Inclusion and Culture

In this webinar, WiCyS strategic partner Cisco will discuss using Cisco Security portfolio stars: SecureX and WebEx. During this session, Elena will show us how automation can not only reveal ways of detecting network intrusions, but also help to improve our language, see how it impacts our day-to-day work, and reveal how we can take […]

WiCyS Equity Advocacy Committee Meeting

WiCyS Equity Advocacy Committee Meeting: Every month the WiCyS Equity Advocacy Committee (EAC) meets to help lead the WiCyS organization to ensure the nonprofit continues to lead internally and externally with inclusion, allyship, and equity.

WiCyS Mission Support Team Meeting

WiCyS Mission Support Team Meeting: The power of Tier 1 strategic partners remains strong as they guide the WiCyS global board of directors. This outstanding group of contributors invests their time and attention to bridge the gap for minorities in the cybersecurity workforce. Every other month, the MST meets to focus attention on building out […]

WiCyS CyberSecurity Steering Committee Meeting

WiCyS Cybersecurity Steering Committee Meeting: Cybersecurity matters in the nonprofit space. Led by the WiCyS vCISO, this committee meets bi-monthly to drive the effort of the cybersecurity efforts and standards as a nonprofit organization.

IBM Webinar | A Career in Cyber Security: My Unconventional Path


Cecile Mengue (IBM) took an unconventional path into the hacker field and will give a unique insight into pathways to cybersecurity in this webinar. Join WiCyS Strategic Partner IBM on January 17 to look into various ways of entering this career. Can’t make it during the scheduled webinar? Go ahead and register to receive a […]

WiCyS Nigeria Affiliate | Virtual Launch


To celebrate the approval and the beginning of the WiCyS Nigeria Affiliate, we will be kickstarting with a virtual launch to educate more people about WiCyS and also increase publicity to gain more members for the WiCyS Nigeria Affiliate. Join us HERE!


Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World

Tribe of Hackers is a must-have resource for security professionals who are looking to advance their careers, gain a fresh perspective and get serious about cybersecurity with thought-provoking insights from the world’s most noteworthy hackers and influential security specialists. This unique guide includes inspiring interviews from 70 security experts, including Lesley Carhart, Ming Chow, Bruce […]

The Home Depot Webinar | Visibility, Analytics and Automation through Security Logging and Monitoring


What exactly is security logging and monitoring for an organization? Join Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) strategic partner, The Home Depot, as Lu Qiao, principal systems engineer, dives into the key components in a logging and monitoring architecture and the log life cycle. Learn about the considerations to take when monitoring hybrid environments, how Zero Trust […]