Here's what attendees are saying about the WiCyS Conference

It was great to see the broad aspects of security approaches from varies organizations and companies!
I think this is a worthwhile event for funding agencies because it shows 50% of the potential cyber workforce that you’re making an effort to reach out. ”
As someone who straddles both worlds, I can attest that very few conferences blend academic and professional speakers and content- and WiCyS was that bridge.
I don’t feel as invisible as I did before. The feeling of belonging to a community is really a confidence booster. The future employees of your companies or interdependent companies are very reachable in a conference like this.
The best thing about this conference was the students in attendance, it was a chance for students, academics and industry to network and mentor all in one place!
Increased enthusiasm for attracting and supporting more female students to the field; additional resources for classes within our IA curriculum.
What a wonderful event and I have to share how much it has re-inspired me not only in my Ph.D program but also in my work.
As a grad student, I was able to find mentors in the industry, and also provide mentorship to undergrad students.
I really loved this conference, and it was, in my opinion, a life-changing experience that opened all kinds of perspectives and options that I didn’t know existed with this degree.
The ability to have networked with so many innovative women in the Cyber Security field of study was among the most valuable thing I enjoyed from this conference. They gave me the inspiration to continue the path in which I am on right now, not only that but the resources gained from the workshops were also very valuable to me.
Staying in the field is very challenging at times, and this reinforced the need to stay in the field. It has an impact on retention for sure, unlike the other big conferences I attend that make me want to leave the field due to all of the issues we all know so well.
I have decided to pursue a job in security after I attended WiCyS. That is because I was not aware of this great opportunities out there, and I did not know that women can be leaders in security until I saw them in the conference.
Supporting these kinds of events sponsors/agencies can have a lot of benefit, especially when it comes to finding good interns and employees.
The Resume Database initiative helped me land my dream job in the CyberSecurity space. It would not have been possible without WiCyS.
As a Ph.D student, this conference helps me get new ideas for my research and get inspired by wonderful female leaders from various IT companies and organizations.
It helped me plan my next three years for my undergraduate studies.
It was amazing to see all the research in cybersecurity. I would like to do research in the field now.
Every workshop, every speaker had important tidbits to help programs like ours to market, recruit, retain, and graduate cyber warriors.
As a non-traditional adult student and career changer, this conference gave me a wealth of opportunities to interface with many professionals, hear different perspectives about the industry as well as gain confidence my journey moving forward.
As a female recruiter, I’m constantly on the hunt to add more women to our information technology and cybersecurity positions. I came away from this conference with renewed energy that woman are starting to take a larger hold in the marketplace.
I learned more about the resources that are available and grants that I should apply for. My students enjoyed the workshop also. I learned much more at this conference than from other security conferences I have attended.
The contacts, universities, corporations, government entities you get to interact with in one place it what I enjoyed the most. I have gained several mentors and look forward to next year.
I was able to bring my students who found internships and were very inspired by what they saw.
I learned a lot even as a male about the needs for women in cybersecurity. It was an interesting perspective to have being a minority in an industry where as a white male I’m typically a majority. I think this experience is extremely useful for both male and female students.
This conference helped me with deciding how to narrow down what I am interested in, what I can focus on, and ways to further continue my education in this field outside of school.
This is one of my favorite conferences to attend and there are definite measurable impacts that can be seen in my professional and academic life and in the lives of my students and peers.
Agencies/sponsors can only benefit from supporting these conferences because the get an opportunity to market/promote their businesses to the smartest and finest and more importantly glean what other private industry and governmental agencies are doing and have on the horizon so they can posture themselves for future.
After attending WiCyS I got accepted into the SFS program at my dream school and I think it had a lot to do with the people I met at WiCyS.
As an information security officer for a global company, there are very few women in my peer set. It is exciting to see so many young women passionate about the field, and I believe everyone benefits when women are encouraged to pursue stem fields as, otherwise, we limit ourselves from an entire pool of potentially successful candidates and peers, simply because, as girls, we are not encouraged to pursue technical careers.