Susana Mejido

Cybersecurity Analyst, ECIX Group at FCC

Susana Mejido is a Cyber Security Analyst for ECIX group at FCC.

She holds a Bachelor degree on Physics and a Master degree on Astrophysics from UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

Her professional experience is diverse. With ECIX group, Susana has worked as an Analyst on Cybersecurity in MAPFRE between 2015-2016, where she was the Service Manager. She has also been analyst-programmer for IMCS in Isban - Santander Group from 2013-2015. Her previous experience is in investigation on Astrophysics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and in ESAC (European Space and Astronomy Center, European Space Agency).

She is a professor at the Master in Cybersecurity at IE, Madrid, where she teaches a Cyber Intelligence Workshop.

On her spare time, she teaches Astrophysics to high capabilities children with an association.