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Innovation Women is an online platform designed to directly connect speakers and subject matter experts with speaking opportunities. Cisco has graciously partnered with Innovation Women to create this unique opportunity for WiCyS members. The Kickstart Cohort is a concentrated blast of attention and information from the Innovation Women Speaker Success Team. It’s a 4-week live virtual program designed to get WiCyS members up and running quickly in the Innovation Women platform. The program provides a guided tour through the platform, tools, and offerings, and helps members create their speaker profiles and get started securing speaking opportunities. This cohort will be a group of ten WiCyS members that are ready to up their speaking engagement activity in a safe space of peers who can provide valuable feedback and support along your speaker journey. More information on Innovation Women can be found HERE.


Public speaking is critically important for professional, technical, and entrepreneurial women, and their teams. When done well, public speaking not only boosts credibility, it drives thought leadership, connects you to prospects, customers, and partners, and can help you achieve business success. But how do you position yourself to be that person on the stage, and how do you get started?  This special live, virtual program offers:

Virtual Programs Offer

  • Small group expert guidance.
  • Immediate answers to your questions about speaking and getting speaking gigs, and the opportunity to connect with other speakers.
  • The tools and strategies you need to make the most of your Innovation Women membership.
  • The motivation, dedicated time, and accountability to complete your speaker profile start branding yourself as a speaker and ignite your speaking career.

2023 Program Detailed information

The Kickstart Cohort program offers a month of ACTIVE weekly hour-long Zoom sessions.

Session 1 – Creating your best speaker profile and speaker biography.

Session 2 – Identifying your signature topic, crafting speaking abstracts and developing your speaker brand.

Session 3 – Using the Innovation Women platform like a BOSS.

Session 4 – Speaker secrets and pro tips

Frequently asked questions

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What do I need to participate?

Please attend sitting at your desktop or laptop so you can participate. Come prepared with and sign up and create an Innovation Women account HERE.

Collect and bring any of your existing speaker materials – headshot, existing professional biography, speaker abstracts, etc. 

How long are the sessions?

The Kickstart Cohort program offers a month of ACTIVE weekly hour-long Zoom sessions.

Are the sessions recorded?

The sessions are recorded for the use of cohort members who can’t attend. We also have pre-recorded tutorials on many topics. If you miss a session, you will receive all the materials and links to tutorials. (You will also receive a follow-up email and handout– this email gathers all notes and links.) 

What do the session cover?

The 4 weekly sessions cover a variety of topics, and your facilitator is available to answer any questions. If any of your weekly sessions fall on a U.S. national holiday, we will NOT meet and will slide the sessions to the next week or reschedule to a time when most of the group can attend. These sessions do not replace our Friday morning Speaker Friends Zoom calls, Innovation Women knowledge sessions, profile reviews or signature talk reviews. These are all free and included in your basic Innovation Women membership.