Global Student Chapter Initiative

made possible by Microsoft Philanthropies


Women in Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

According to (ISC)2 and Cybersecurity Ventures, women in the cybersecurity workforce make up roughly 20-24%. This alarming statistic clearly showcases the risk to the inclusion and diversity efforts in the workforce and also is a threat to the cybersecurity career pipeline. As cybersecurity continues to be a severe threat to all, Microsoft Philanthropies is working hard to close the cybersecurity skills gap and has now expanded its efforts by including a WiCyS Global Student Chapter Initiative.

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Press release: Microsoft Philanthropies collaborates with WiCyS to help close the cybersecurity skills gap

Our Vision

In collaboration with Microsoft Philanthropies, WiCyS will make a measurable impact on the talent shortage and lack of diversity in cyber across the globe by scaling the WiCyS Student Chapter program.

  • Essential at a time when we are in a global cybersecurity workforce shortage
  • COVID-19 has displaced some women from their educational institutions,
    conventional learning environments and careers
  • Doors closed for many professional development opportunities in which
    college/university women were dependent on
  • Women in cybersecurity need a foundational community to excel in their
    courses and keep their academic momentum going strong

Strategic strategic partners can help mitigate the potential long-term workforce shortage in the cybersecurity talent pipeline AND increase diversity & inclusion in cybersecurity by engaging women through WiCyS Student Chapters.

Program Impact

WiCyS student chapters, members and faculty gaining wrap-around services
through WiCyS Global Student Chapter Initiative made possible by Microsoft Philanthropies.

  • Power of global cybersecurity community
  • Retaining women already in the field of study
  • Recruiting more women to join through student chapter outreach activities
  • Builds more women in leadership roles to highlight on resumes, Linkedin,
    and speak to during interviews
  • Empowers faculty by attending the WiCyS technical conference
  • Inspires student chapter presidents by attending the WiCyS technical
    conference where they can meet their president peers
  • Opens up the gateway for future WiCyS opportunities for students such as the
    mentor/mentee program, skill development trainings, internship program, and more
  • Students will be gaining knowledge and skills not offered otherwise
  • Provides students the confidence, motivation and determination to remain
    in their academic cybersecurity studies and collectively advance because of
    their network, community, opportunity, and more
  • Gives a wrap-around experience they can speak to during interviews, gain
    employment from, and continue to advance in their careers because of it

Together. We Thrive!

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