Executive Summary

Numerous previous studies have reported that the representation of women in cybersecurity is not where it should be, but it is not as clear why this continues to be the case, or how matters can be improved in this regard. In collaboration with the DEI firm Aleria, WiCyS has launched a pioneering study to gain insight into the real causes of disparities in the career experiences of women in cybersecurity, and how best to identify the barriers that keep women from being recruited, retained and advanced at the same rate as men.

Starting in February of 2023, a series of workshops were conducted attended by over 300 women. Workshop participants were given the opportunity to take part in an interactive Measuring Inclusion activity using Aleria’s confidential, online platform. Each participant anonymously entered information about themselves and their work experiences. The study reveals that to this date women continue to face numerous unfavorable workplace experiences that contribute to their overall feeling of exclusion, and, consequently negatively impact their rates of satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

In particular, we find…