If you’re ready to bust through the glass ceiling & take your rightful place as a lit-up leader in the tech industry (or help others do the same) – this one’s for you, my love! Let’s talk about the state of women in tech & cybersecurity, and what we as leaders can be doing about it.

In this podcast, host Toni Collis speaks with Executive Director WICYS, Lynn Dohm, to share her experience as a leading woman in tech and how she successfully navigates leading with inclusion, equity & allyship. Ready to find out what you can do as a leader to actually move inclusion efforts forward?

The podcast covers Lynn’s career journey & experience in cybersecurity, key findings from the WICYS State of Inclusion Assessment, why we should STOP obsessing about policy to address DEI (and what to do instead!) Plus, Utilizing mentorship if you’re experiencing exclusion in your tech leadership career, what to do now if you’ve done all the right things, but you’re still not advancing, and more