Welcome back to the Tech Policy Grind! In this episode, we hit the road once again for our North American tour of some major tech policy conferences. This time, we head to the ICANN76 Community Forum in Cancún, Mexico, the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) 2023 Conference in Denver, Colorado, and the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington DC.

The ICANN76 Community Forum is the 76th ICANN Meeting since ICANN’s inception in 1998. Reema chats with Cindyneia Cantanhêde, a Brazilian data privacy attorney based in Sao Paulo, who was at the conference as an ICANN Fellow (along with Reema).

The WiCyS Conference brings together women in cybersecurity to dig into substantive, technical conversations on what’s going on in the field. But it also is a space for women (who only represent 25% of the cybersecurity industry) and allies to connect and get inspired about retention and advancement in the field. Reema chats with Lynn Dohm, Executive Director of WiCyS about the conference’s history and goals. Then, she talks to Anna Lainfiesta, Security Team Lead at Zendesk about her experience as a WiCyS conference first-timer. Anna is also the Secretary of the WiCyS Privacy, Law and Policy Affiliate.

Finally, Reema and Lama head to the Global Privacy Summit, where they led a session (along with Foundry Fellow Meri Baghdasaryan). Lama catches up with Leona Lewis, Senior Counsel, Privacy, Ethics and Compliance at Thrasio; Saleela Khanum Salahuddin, Attorney Advisor at Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB); and former Foundry Fellow Jacqueline Ahn, Senior Attorney of Data Privacy at IBM.