In a significant stride towards inclusivity in the cybersecurity sector, the Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) Kansas City Metroplex affiliate celebrates its grand opening. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the dawn of a new chapter for gender diversity in technology, will be graced by Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City. Mayor Lucas, a staunch advocate for inclusion, remarked, “Kansas City thrives when we embrace the full spectrum of our community’s talents”. The launch of WiCyS Kansas City Metroplex heralds a pivotal era where women’s contributions in cybersecurity are not just welcomed—they are essential for our collective success.

This event, scheduled for June 11, 2024, will not only inaugurate the WiCyS Kansas City Metroplex but also reinforce the city’s dedication to creating an equitable environment for all cybersecurity professionals.

The WiCyS Kansas City Metroplex is committed to amplifying the role and achievements of women in cybersecurity. By bringing together individuals from all walks of life, WiCyS fosters a culture of cooperation, knowledge sharing, networking, and mentorship. The organization’s mission is to nurture a supportive community that propels diverse talents to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and defense.

Distinguished guests at the event will include leading figures from the cybersecurity industry, corporate executives, heads of academic institutions, community partners, and dignitaries. Their collective presence will underscore the vital importance of gender diversity within the cybersecurity landscape.

The event’s highlights feature the official unveiling of the WiCyS KC Metroplex, which aims to extend its influence and resources globally. This celebration is a testament to the commitment to empowering women in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.

Participants will also have the chance to discover the Resource Hub, an extensive collection of mentoring programs, educational materials, and networking opportunities designed to cultivate and support cybersecurity expertise.


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This press release communicates the shared vision of progress and unity that the WiCyS Kansas City Metroplex embodies. It is an invitation to all who aspire to contribute to a more diverse and secure future in the realm of cybersecurity.

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