Supporting female veteran members within the WiCyS community as they transition from military to cybersecurity careers

Next round of applications available in 2022


  • Opportunity for female veterans within the WiCyS community – from self-taught, to experienced and recent college grads
  • No prior work experience is required, however, seeking aptitude and passion
  • Will place qualifying WiCyS veterans members in several roles including SOC analyst, NOC analyst, penetration testers, and more
  • Many roles are remote but must be willing to relocate if necessary

Basic Qualifications:

  • WiCyS veteran member 
  • Excitement and eagerness to learn new technology
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages
  • Hands-on experience or education or training in Computer Science/ related field
  • CompTIA Net+ and Sec+ training *U.S. Citizenship is required for this position


  • WiCyS Veteran Cohort
  • Competitive salary
  • Relocation assistance provided
  • Health/Medical Benefits
  • 401 K match
  • Industry Certifications
  • Mentoring Program
  • Opportunity to work with one of Smoothstack’s large-scale government entities

WiCyS DOL-Certified Apprenticeship Partner:

WiCyS 2021 Veterans’ Apprenticeship Cohort

WiCyS is proud to announce that after over 100 interviews, 21 veteran members were selected and paid during the apprenticeship training program. As of Veterans Day 2021 (November 11), there are 16 final veterans in the program, 11 are employed in two-year apprenticeships, 2 have contingent offers, and 3 are interviewing for employment opportunities. We have 10 veteran mentors devoting their time and attention to the program in addition to issuing out WiCyS 2022 conference scholarships to all.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact WiCyS executive director, Lynn Dohm, at lynn@wicys.org.

2021 – 2022 Cohort Timeline

May 28 – August 20: Cybersecurity Training

August 23 – September 3: Placement with Employer Partners

September 8 – 10: Veterans Apprentices attend WiCyS 2021 Conference

September 15: WiCyS Veterans Mentors/Cohort Begins

Scheduled Individually: Additional Trainings and Certifications


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Our mission is to support veteran membership community and provide opportunities for our former service members to bridge the gap from their military career experience into cybersecurity careers.

Here’s what we know:

  • Military career experience can align nicely with cybersecurity careers
  • Female veterans make up 10% of the veteran population
  • However, female veterans have a higher likelihood of unemployment compared to male veterans, single parenthood compared to male veterans, and homelessness compared to female non-veterans

Veteran Apprenticeships

We are pleased to announce SentinelOne and Bloomberg as our employer partners in the WiCyS Veterans’ Apprenticeship Program. Employer partners are putting their energy, time and resources to making an impact within our veteran community and for the inclusion and diversity efforts of the cybersecurity workforce.

What Apprenticeship Program Include:

  • Paid training
  • Paid apprenticeship
  • Secured employment
  • Other resources such as technology, mentoring, etc

Qualifications for Applications?

Identified as a veteran member of the WiCyS organization

Ready to join the WiCyS Veteran Apprenticeship Program?

Awesome! WiCyS, along with our apprenticeship partner, Smoothstack, and our employer partners are ready to honor YOUR service by providing this training and apprenticeship opportunity to help pave your path into a thriving cybersecurity career! The 2021 cohort is currently full. Next round of applications available in 2022!