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Great Open Source comes Great Responsibility

The Solarwinds attack of 2020 thrust software supply chain attack techniques once again into the limelight. Threat actors quickly pivoted to leveraging Open Source Software to perpetuate numerous software supply chain compromises. While not a novel means of...

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Maryville University: 4 Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges

Maryville University Tables of Contents Issues faced in healthcare cybersecurity #1: Patient privacy protection #2: Vulnerabilities of legacy systems in healthcare #3: Challenges of IT in healthcare #4: Security breaches in healthcare Modernizing healthcare to reduce...

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Multi-Factor Authentication: Battle of the Factors 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an essential mechanism to defend against unauthorized access authentication attempts. Over the years, a number of algorithms and protocols have been developed to promote secure authentication factors. However, not all factors are...

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Privacy – Preserving Technology for Secure Communication

Data has become the newest and most valuable currency of the digital age. Increasing amounts of data are being processed and exchanged to aid customizations, targeted advertisement, user profiling and tracking, and myriad other purposes. While regulatory entities are...

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