“WiCyS has truly changed my life in ways I never imagined possible. The sense of community, mentorship and empowerment I’ve found within WiCyS has profoundly impacted my life. WiCyS’ unwavering support has fueled my personal growth, inspiring me to pursue a career in cybersecurity. This sense of community—knowing I have a network of like-minded women who support and uplift each other—has made a world of difference.”

-WiCyS 2024 Student Scholarship Awardee

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, where women frequently face underrepresentation, the presence of a nurturing community can wield transformative power. Silvia Patricia González-Villaseñor discovered this transformative force through her affiliation with the Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) organization. WiCyS, a bastion of support and empowerment for women in the field, provided Silvia with the camaraderie she had long sought, offering invaluable opportunities to build professional connections and cultivate networks of like-minded, supportive individuals.


A recipient of the prestigious 2024 WiCyS conference student scholarship, Silvia’s reflections echo the profound impact of her experience within the WiCyS community. In a heartfelt letter addressed to the WiCyS Conference Team, she pours out her gratitude, emphasizing how the organization has fundamentally reshaped her career trajectory.


At the heart of Silvia’s gratitude lies an acknowledgment of the profound influence WiCyS has had on her life. The organization’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment in cybersecurity has opened doors and shattered barriers, allowing Silvia to realize her full potential in the field. The support extended to her by WiCyS is more than just financial; it is a catalyst for growth, empowerment and belonging. Silvia highlights the importance of having a network of like-minded women who uplift and support each other—a sentiment echoed by many women in cybersecurity who often navigate male-dominated spaces.


Eagerly anticipating the WiCyS 2024 Conference in Nashville, TN, Silvia took to LinkedIn to share her excitement. With scholarship in hand, she looks forward to once again immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere of WiCyS. Her enthusiasm is palpable as she mentions working on her “packing list of ideas and excitement.” For Silvia, WiCyS transcends the label of a mere conference; it serves as a platform to connect with inspiring leaders, explore cutting-edge technology and amplify the voices of women in cybersecurity.


As Silvia gears up for the 2024 conference, she finds herself reflecting on the journey that brought her to this point. Back in 2017, as a newcomer to the conference and working in STEM and coding within elementary education, Silvia harbored uncertainties about the role of cybersecurity in her life. However, with each subsequent annual attendance, her enthusiasm and self-confidence grew, motivating her to reach greater heights within the field. From her initial interest in cybersecurity to her determination to make a difference in the field, WiCyS has consistently served as a guiding light, illuminating her path forward.


As we celebrate Silvia Patricia González-Villaseñor’s journey to the 2024 WiCyS conference, we are reminded of the profound impact of community and support. WiCyS stands as a beacon of hope for women in cybersecurity, providing them a platform to flourish, connect and leave their mark in a field ripe for change. For Silvia, WiCyS is more than just a conference—it’s a lifeline, an endless source of inspiration and a testament to the boundless potential of women in cybersecurity.