We’re delighted to have connected with so many incredible individuals at , from students to accomplished professionals. We extend our immense gratitude to Ambareen Siraj, the founder of WiCyS, and Lynn Dohm, Executive Director at WiCyS, for fostering a powerful network of women in cybersecurity. We also thank the additional staff and volunteers who contributed to a successful conference.

We want to highlight just a few of the amazing women who spoke at :

Alessandra 💻 Perotti, a Malware RE & CTI Analyst at CVS Health, led a workshop titled: “The Malware Challenge: Stepping Up Your Triage Game.” This workshop focused on guiding participants through the triage of potentially malicious files by performing static properties and behavioral analysis.

Kainaat Singh, a Security Researcher at Intel, led a workshop titled: “Discovering Vulnerabilities with Automated Fuzz Testing.” This workshop introduced participants to the concept of discovering vulnerabilities through a popular automated methodology called fuzzing.

Michelle Wan, Sr. Manager of Software Development Engineering, and Priya Nath, Principal Software Engineer at Workday, led a workshop titled “Shift Left: Walk the Talk or Lose $10.5 Trillion.” This session provided participants with insights into shift-left security and DevOps practices.

Chandler Jackson, a Security Cloud Consultant at Amazon Web Services, gave a presentation titled “An Interviewee’s Secret Sauce,” discussing why effective communication, soft skills, and understanding emotional intelligence are essential for standing out in interviews and building a successful career in cybersecurity.

Daniela Villalobos, a Cybersecurity Associate, and Renata Uribe, a Risk Advisory Associate from Echelon Risk, gave a talk titled “AI Detectives: The Vanguard of Social Media Forensics,” where they explored how AI is becoming pivotal in social media investigations.

Lily L., Director of Global Security Strategists at Splunk, gave a talk titled: “Digital Footprint Unveiled: Understanding Public Data,” which discussed the distinctions between open, public, and personal data, and revealed the methods by which public data is amassed.

Ann Johnson, CVP of Microsoft Security Business Development, highlighted that only 23% of cybersecurity professionals are women, with even lower representation among Black (9%), Asian (8%), and Hispanic (4%) individuals. Her talk emphasized the need for a cybersecurity industry that reflects the diversity of the problems we aim to solve, and she called for everyone’s help to achieve this goal.

Lisa Einstein, Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee at CISA, discussed the importance of cultivating transparency, accountability, fairness, and resiliency—both in ourselves and in AI systems during her keynote.

Ebony Rose Smith MBA, PMP, Director of Forensic Services at Walmart, emphasized that if our career paths do not align with our values, we should pivot.