For almost two decades SANS OUCH! Security Awareness newsletter has been one of the most trusted, community-driven resources for helping ordinary computer users secure their daily lives. Each month the OUCH! newsletter is published, for free, focusing on a key security topic that people can apply both at work and at home. In addition, each newsletter is translated into at least twenty different languages, ensuring we can reach our global audience.

OUCH! newsletter is created by a team of volunteers, including volunteer translators from around the world.  In addition, each newsletter is led by a volunteer Guest Editor, who acts as a subject matter expert and ensures the newsletter is accurate, actionable, and simple for anyone to consume. In the past Guest Editors were traditionally SANS Instructors. Starting this June, we are excited to announce each monthly OUCH! newsletter will be guided by a volunteer Guest Editor from Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS). Their role will be to continue to help ensure the quality of each edition while providing a fresh perspective on the pressing cybersecurity topics of the day.
WiCyS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with international reach dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in cybersecurity. WiCyS was founded by Dr. Ambareen Siraj in 2013 through a National Science Foundation grant awarded to Tennessee Tech University. In less than 10 years, it has grown into an organization (est. in 2017) representing a leading alliance between trailblazers from academia, government, and industry. WiCyS offers opportunities, trainings, events, scholarships, mentoring, resources, and more for its members. We at SANS are super excited to have the opportunity to showcase the impactful work that women do in the field of cybersecurity and, no doubt, our global community will benefit from the amazing work of these volunteers.
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