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No matter where you are, WiCyS helps you collaborate, mentor, learn from and encourage one another. Form a WiCyS Affiliate, associate an existing affiliate with WiCyS, or join an existing WiCyS Affiliate, and enhance the WiCyS mission through outreach, awareness, networking, sharing, mentoring and engagement. There are three types of affiliate groups: Local, Regional and Corporate Affiliates. 

Local Affiliates are geographically bound by city or county boundaries. Example: “WiCyS Chicago Affiliate” 

Regional Affiliates include a state or several adjoining states coordinated with WiCyS to avoid overlap. Example: “WiCyS Mid-Atlantic Affiliate” 

Corporate Affiliates are created by a company or institution wanting to provide an internal community for that particular organization’s women in cybersecurity, and associate the organization with the WiCyS brand. Example: “Company WiCyS Affiliate” 

As a WiCyS Affiliate, your group will undertake activities to promote recruitment, retention and advancement of women in cybersecurity. At least one Affiliate representative will attend the WiCyS Annual Conference to share your Affiliate’s experience. Through the annual WiCyS Affiliate report, you’ll share information helpful to others about your activities. 


  • Obtain localized or company representation of the WiCyS mission through a focused community effort 

  • Gain an opportunity to present at the WiCyS Annual Conference about the Affiliate’s experience and achievements 

  • Mentor others who need career development and confidence 

  • Enjoy collaboration and community year-round through regular meetings and events 

  • Receive WiCyS-approved Affiliate logo to use in signage, promotions and business cards 

  • Receive a Affiliate web page 

To join an existing Affiliate, you must be a WiCyS member in good standing. You may be asked by your Affilliate for a small contribution for refreshments at your Affiliate’s monthly meetings. Contact WiCyS at or submit an application through the website. 

WiCyS Affiliates

  • WiCyS Chicago

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  • WiCyS Colorado

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  • WiCyS Farmers Insurance Affiliate

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  • WiCyS Florida

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  • WiCyS Georgia

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  • WiCyS Metro NY

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  • WiCyS Mid-Atlantic - Meetings in Laurel, MD and Washington, DC

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  • WiCyS North Carolina

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  • WiCyS Ontario, Canada - Meetings in Toronto

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  • WiCyS Oregon

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  • WiCyS Silicon Valley

  • WiCyS SoCal

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