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WiCyS Florida Affiliate | Vehicle Cyberattacks: The Call for Action in Improving Motor Vehicle Safety


Join us for an engaging and informative one-hour webinar hosted by Natalie Lambert, a WiCyS Florida Board Member. “As modern vehicles become increasingly connected and reliant on more advanced digital technologies and connectivity features, the potential for cyber threats grows. This event aims to shed light on the vulnerabilities in current automotive systems and discusses […]

WiCyS Germany Affiliate | API Governance: Why does it matter?


Ejona Preci, WiCyS Germany President and from FREENOW, will be speaking at APISEC|CON Automative next week! This presentation explores the critical role of API governance in ensuring secure, efficient, and compliant API management. She'll discuss key principles, best practices, and the impact of effective governance on organizational success. APIsec University provides free, high-quality education and […]


Webinar | 24-25 Security Training Scholars


WiCyS is proud to offer the Security Training Scholarship. Join Max Shuftan | Director, Mission & Partnerships (SANS Institute) & Lynn Dohm | Executive Director (WiCyS) as they bring this opportunity to life during a webinar on Wednesday, August 1st at 1 pm CT. This event will include an introduction and overview of the program, […]

Webinar | 10,000ft View of Encryption


Join Kat Nielander, SNL ISSM (Sandia National Laboratories) as she discusses encryption which is crucial in a digitally connected world to keep private information, messages, and financial transactions private and secure. The webinar will be a high-level academic overview of crypto history, the diversity of encryption types, discuss the broad array of common algorithms and […]

Webinar | How are we securing our databases?


This webinar will look at the different methods of securing databases and the types of attacks that they defend against. WiCyS is proud to provide members the opportunity to earn CPE/CEU credits for attending WiCyS Webinars live. To earn CPE/CEU credits with the following providers, you must meet the minimum requirements: GIAC/(ISC)2: attend for a […]

WiCyS August Book Club

Zoom IN

An insightful exploration of what social media, AI, robot technology, and the digital world are doing to our relationships with each other and with ourselves. There’s no doubt that technology has made it easier to communicate. It’s also easier to shut someone out when we are confronted with online discourse. Why bother to understand strangers―or […]