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WiCyS was established in 2012 by Dr. Ambareen Siraj of Tennessee Tech University through a National Science Foundation grant. In less than ten short years, the organization has grown into a leading alliance between trailblazers from academia, government and industry.

who we are

Who we are

We are WICYS. We are dedicated to bringing talented women together to celebrate and foster their passion and drive for cybersecurity. We unite women across the world to collaborate, share their knowledge, network and mentor.

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Established in 2012 by Dr. Ambareen Siraj of Tennessee Tech University through a National Science Foundation grant, we are a non-profit organization offering a wide range of membership, sponsorship and collaboration benefits.

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Want to change the cybersecurity workforce gap?

Check out our Support WICYS page to see all of the ways you can sponsor or donate to help us shift the paradigm.

WiCyS September Newsletter

PhD Logic Central Online | September 2020
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8th Annual Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Conference



The WiCyS 2021 Annual Conference will be held on March 25-27, 2021 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. See full information and start packing your bags!


Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowship Awards

We’re here to lend a hand. Check out our Scholarship, Grant and Fellowship Award opportunities, and remember: The deadline to apply is November 1, 2020 at 12pm CT. Acceptance notification is January 4, 2021.


Call For Participation

We want to hear what you have to say. Check out our Call for Papers page and get your submission(s) in ahead of the deadline: November 1, 2020 at 5pm CT.


Conference Sponsorship

Explore our Conference Sponsorship page to learn about all of the opportunities that are waiting for you in Aurora.



Interested in our current overview of sponsors? Check them out today and consider adding your name to the list.



Want to get involved further? Discover our WICYS 2021 Committees page to see how you can help out.


Industry Leadership Summit

Learn more about invite-only Industry Leadership Summit, geared towards uniting experts to discuss pipeline, inclusivity, transitioning and advancing the workforce. Note that submissions for this summit close on February 1, 2021.


What does my partnership look like?

All partner organizations have access to year-round engagement and recruitment opportunities, as well as sponsorship of the WiCyS Annual Conference. In addition to supporting diversity in the cybesecurity workforce, both options also give organizations the chance to recruit bright minded individuals of all levels.

Founding partners

We wouldn’t be here without our Founding Partners – Cisco, Facebook and Palo Alto Networks – whose commitment to the workforce enabled the launch of WiCyS as we know it.

Partnership levels

Partnership opportunities are available at different levels for corporate partners, as well as academic and non-profit organizations.
strategic partners

the WiCyS Team

Get to know the executive committee and board members who help make WiCyS the leading organization for women in cybersecurity.

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the WiCyS Committees

Get to know the conference & executive committee members who help make WiCyS the leading organization for women in cybersecurity.

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“It was great to see the broad aspects of security approaches from varies organizations and companies!”
“2 It was great to see the broad aspects of security approaches from varies organizations and companies!”
“3 It was great to see the broad aspects of security approaches from varies organizations and companies!”

To start an affiliate, you must be a WiCyS member in good standing. Fill out an application or contact info@wicys.org for more information.

join affiliate
To join an existing affiliate, please see the bottom of the page and email the affiliate address corresponding with your location and/or organization.
submit an event

To submit an event of interest to our affiliates, click here and we’ll take a look.

What Our Affiliates Do

As a WiCyS Affiliate, your group will help promote recruitment, retention and advancement of women in cybersecurity. Get packing because at least one Affiliate representative will attend the WiCyS Annual Conference to share your Affiliate’s experience. Through the annual WiCyS Affiliate report, you’ll share information helpful to others about your activities.

Affiliate benefits

What’s in it for you? See below for a few benefits our affiliates take advantage of:

  • Obtain localized or company representation of the WiCyS mission through a focused community effort
  • Gain an opportunity to present at the WiCyS Annual Conference about the Affiliate’s experience and achievements
  • Mentor others who need career development and confidence
  • Enjoy collaboration and community year-round through regular meetings and events
  • Receive WiCyS-approved Affiliate logo to use in signage, promotions and business cards
  • Receive a WiCys.org Affiliate web page

Local Affiliates

Geographically bound by city or county boundaries. Example: “WiCyS Chicago Affiliate”

Regional Affiliates

Include a state or several adjoining states coordinated with WiCyS to avoid overlap. Example: “WiCyS Mid-Atlantic Affiliate”

Corporate Affiliates

Created by a company or institution wanting to provide an internal community for that particular organization’s women in cybersecurity, and associate the organization with the WiCyS brand.

Ready to join an existing affiliate? Email the affiliate address listed below.

WiCyS Australia: WiCySAustralia@wicys.org
WiCyS Central Texas: WiCySCentraltx@wicys.org
WiCyS Chicago: WiCySChicago@wicys.org
WiCyS Colorado: WiCySColorado@wicys.org
WiCyS Farmers Insurance Affiliate: WiCySFarmersIns@wicys.org
WiCyS Florida: WiCySFlorida@wicys.org
WiCyS France: WiCySFrance@wicys.org
WiCyS Georgia: WiCySGeorgia@wicys.org
WiCyS Houston: WiCySHouston@wicys.org
WiCyS India: WiCySIndia@wicys.org
WiCyS Lockheed Martin: WiCySLM@wicys.org
WiCyS Metro NY: WiCySNYMetro@wicys.org
WiCyS Mid-Atlantic: WiCySMid-Atlantic@wicys.org
WiCyS Minnesota: WiCySMinnesota@wicys.org
WiCyS New England: WiCySNewEngland@wicys.org
WiCyS North Carolina: WiCySNorthCarolina@wicys.org
WiCyS Northern Alabama: WiCySNorthernAl@wicys.org
WiCyS Ontario, Canada: WiCySOntario@wicys.org
WiCyS Oregon: WiCySOregon@wicys.org
WiCyS Phoenix, AZ: WiCySPhoenix@wicys.org
WiCyS San Antonio: WiCySSanAntonio@wicys.org
WiCyS San Diego: WiCySSanDiego@wicys.org
WiCyS Silicon Valley: WiCySSiliconValley@wicys.org
WiCyS SoCal: WiCySSoCal@wicys.org
WiCyS South Dakota: WiCySSouthDakota@wicys.org
WiCyS Tennessee: WiCySTennessee@wicys.org
WiCyS UK: WiCySUK@wicys.org
WiCyS Western Washington: WiCySWesternWA@wicys.org

Explore our Member Benefits page to determine if WICYS is a fit for you. We have professional and student communities, training programs for a variety of cohorts, virtual career fairs, job boards, resources and events for women in cybersecurity.


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