Annual Report Guidelines

XXII. Appendix (see WiCyS Handbook)

Appendix A: Annual Report Guidelines

WiCyS Annual Affiliate Reports are due to WiCyS Global by February 1 of each year. These reports will be issued to the WiCyS Governing Board during the Annual WiCyS Conference.

Place Affiliate Annual Report in the “Reporting Documents” folder in Affiliate toolkit by February 1.

What to include:

Affiliate Officers

o First Name, last name, email, and title


o A comprehensive list of all activities carried out during the previous year including meetings, mailings, reports, research, community engagement, volunteering, booth at conferences/events, elections, etc.

o Typical event attendance numbers

Event Speakers

o Name and contact information of speakers at events your Affiliate has hosted.


o Share any collaborations with sponsors and partners

Social Media

o URLs for each social media account

o Numbers of likes/followers on each account Overview o A short overview on the current state of the Affiliate WiCyS Mission o Share your Affiliate’s goals to carry out the WiCyS mission in the coming year.