Appendix B: Swag and Collateral (in WiCyS Handbook)


WiCyS Global provided swag

WiCyS Global provides you with limited swag.  If your affiliate wants additional swag, you can use the financial funding WiCyS Global provides (such as seed funding or additional funding) or have an Affiliate sponsor fund it for you.

You will receive:
• Tablecloth
• Banner
• Button
• Stickers

Swag Request Form

• Complete the swag request form:

• Provide one point of conduct address for shipping of the official WiCyS Swag

Need additional swag?  Fill out the swag request form again.


Affiliates have access to WiCyS Global branded collateral. All items are in the Affiliate portal. Additionally, each Affiliate has a toolkit in which:

Brochures and flyers are included for customization and printing
Business Cards
• Provide Jaclyn at [email protected] with the following info:
– First & Last Name
– Affiliate Officer Title
– Email Address
• Changes to the business card form (i.e.additional information, QR codes, website, etc.) must be approved by Lynn Dohm, [email protected]

There are collateral standards that all affiliates must follow, and the files are in Adobe InDesign format. If you do not have the ability to edit these templates, let us know and we will help you.

WiCyS Global Flyers can be found following the below links: