To the WiCyS Affiliate Program!

Congratulations, your WiCyS Affiliate has been approved! Now what?

First, check your Official WiCyS E-mail. Login credentials are included in your WiCyS Welcome email. This will include a temporary password.

WiCyS will register your group on the WiCyS.org website.

What next?

Determine how often you want to meet, where you will meet, and set up a conference call number if group members will be calling in. Run your Affiliate the way you want, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve!

What Is WiCyS all about?

Learn more about the WiCyS mission and board members here: https://www.wicys.org/about-wicys.

Find WiCyS Committee information here: https://www.wicys.org/wicys-committees.

What is the mission and goals of the Affiliate?

The mission is to support the WiCyS global mission of recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in cybersecurity. To create a community of professional women in alignment with your mission and passion. You do so through outreach activities (minimum of four a year) and cultivating a support system through your community!

All Affiliate’s mission and purpose must remain in alignment and in support of WiCyS global.

All communication to the WiCyS Affiliate must go through the WiCyS-issued email account that WiCyS global establishes. The WiCyS-issued email is to be used on any Affiliate website and marketing material.

WiCyS’ growth and strength as an organization advancing the interests of women in cybersecurity is dependent on it’s ability to promote its members and the organization with the unified voice, brand and set of activities. WiCyS Affiliates must adhere to a common set of positioning statements, the WiCyS branding guidelines, membership models, sponsorship pricing, and WiCyS activities including the Speaker Bureau, newsletter, Job Board, Career Fair, Conference and hosted events